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balancing of hammers in crusher mtm crusher

Monster Truck Madness - Guide and Walkthrough - Game Boy

Truck-Monster Patrol (Grave Digger I.U.) STRATEGY- Stay on the road. Going into the grass reduces your speed alot. Stick to the right edge and make sure to hammer to the left going off

MHGU TA Wiki weapon usage analysis (as of 6.7.2019

Hammer 1.Crimson Fatalis Hammer (Fatalis Destroyer) = 20 2.Gore Magala Hammer (Ächtungsblick) = 10 3.Bone Hammer (Bone Crusher) = 2 4.Ahtal-Ka Hammer = 2 Switch Axe 1.Elderfrost SA = 19

improving this assault rifle build - Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Monster Hunter Freedom - Guide and Walkthrough - PSP - By

Equip a hammer and ground pound the area that they swim by. After a pound or two they will come flying out of the sand. Another more effective way is to just throw sonic bombs at them

unpopular opinion: weapon durability is great - The Legend

Don t even get me f***ing started on how you have to defeat the Lynel to get the Savage Lynel Crusher and 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow. Honestly your arguments are garbage my dude. You

Wild Arms 4 - Guide and Walkthrough - PlayStation 2 - By

Now up north there is the shop: Old Heal Berry - 100 Gella Potion Berry - 1000 Gella Antidote - 20 Gella Witch Medicine - 20 Gella Toy Hammer - 20 Gella Peppy Acorn - 20 Gella Breeze

Most Disappointing game of all-time? - The Legend of Zelda

specific tools like Korok Leaf Hammers Elemental Rods and weapons Ancient or Guardian weapons etc. Those don t matter at all when that 100+ damage weapon s***s all over them

Dan-Ku-Ga - Move List and Guide - Arcade Games - By Goh

For Dan-Ku-Ga on the Arcade Games Move List and Guide by Goh_Billy.

Mortal Kombat: Deception - Kabal Guide - GameCube - By

----- Mortal Kombat: Deception The Kabal Guide By Charles Grey ([email protected]) Revision 1.40 Updated 09/10/2005 ----- -- CONTENTS 01.

Alternate paths for Annette? - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

My 28 mag Annette with magic staff reguarly dished out 50+ damage thanks to axefaire 70 damage with crusher s combat arte. Even though axe is heavy wyvern lord fixes her crap speed

Let s talk about ground builds - Xenoblade Chronicles X

For armor an eyepatch with appendage crusher skill 3x appendage crusher augments and a worn/advance SK or SS range weapon with appendage crusher skill and store purchased C&C armor

Mortal Kombat: Deception - Kabal Guide - GameCube - By

SUN BIN Small Frame Strike : 1 Twisting Hammer Fist : B+1 (stun KD) Golden Fist : D+1 Digging Fingers : 2 Chest Opener : B+2 (KD) Awkward Uppercut : D+2 (KD) Large Frame Kick : 3 (15% 2

All my hammers do way less damage than equivalent axes and

Pretty sure I read somewhere long ago hammers do 10-15% less damage than axes. It s why I never bothered with a hammer. Oh I m actually getting even worse results than that. Like

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