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Regulator sounds alarm over deaths at coal mines - CBS News

Future uncertainty over global efforts to curb greenhouse gases leaves even less of a business case for investing in coal-fired power plants. And demand is declining for U.S. coal used to

Why coal mining is resurgent in the U.S. China and India

These three countries the world s biggest coal users have boosted coal mining in 2017 in an abrupt departure from last year s record global decline for the heavily polluting

Mine Collapse: Spotlight On Murray Energy - CBS News

His holdings make Murray Energy the nation s 12th largest coal company according to the National Mining Association. The companies controlled by Murray Energy include The Ohio Valley

Why natural gas is the future -- not coal - CBS News

While coal and gas both emit global-warming-inducing carbon dioxide gas puts out half as much as coal. Last year gas used in utility plants cost as low as $16 per megawatt hour (a

Coal bankruptcies: The first coal mine to open in Wyoming

"It s become a situation where there s no room for Wyoming coal to hide" said Steve Piper director of energy research at S&P Global Market Intelligence. How one

Hillary Clinton rolls out $30 billion plan to help coal

Global temperatures approach milestone amid record greenhouse gases While coal accounts for about one third of U.S. power generation domestic consumption has fallen by 25 percent over

We need to ditch coal before it s too late climate

In places where mining is practically in the DNA of generations of residents making a career change can be daunting — especially when it s seen as a challenge to the longtime

TVA to close Paradise coal-fired power plant in Kentucky

U.K. goes 55 hours without coal power 00:42. The decision continues the TVA s trend of retiring its aging coal-fired power plants in favor of cheaper and cleaner energy sources

EPA s Clean Power Plan reversal opposed by medical

Speaking Monday in the coal-mining state of Kentucky Nearly 200 countries have committed to combat global warming by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute

Desperate race to reach survivors in Turkish coal mine

The corpses faces were as black as the coal they worked on daily. There were 274 of them - and the fate of up to 150 other miners remained unclear in Turkey s deadliest-ever

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